About Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Ottawa

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) Ottawa, a dedicated volunteer-run organization committed to supporting and uplifting displaced individuals from Ukraine within the Ottawa area. Our mission centers on creating a sense of community, offering diverse programs, and engaging in humanitarian initiatives.

At the core of UCSS Ottawa's values is the belief in fostering connections and shared experiences. Through a variety of community events, we celebrate the rich Ukrainian culture, providing a platform for individuals to connect, build relationships, and feel a sense of belonging in their new surroundings. Our organization is deeply invested in the well-being and development of the younger generation. Through tailored programs for children and youth, we aim to empower them, helping them integrate seamlessly into their new environment while nurturing their unique talents and potential.

As a community-driven organization, Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) Ottawa stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact, as we work together to build a brighter future for displaced individuals from Ukraine in the Ottawa area.

Our Mission

At Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) Ottawa, our mission is to be a beacon of hope for displaced individuals from Ukraine in the Ottawa area. We provide settlement support, foster a sense of community through engaging events, empower the youth through programs, and offer essential resources to create brighter futures. Together, we stand united to support the defenders of freedom in Ukraine through medical aid collection. Join us in making a meaningful impact

Meet our team


President Maryna Popovych ucss@xata.ca
Secretary Vacant
Without Portfolio Vacant
Treasurer Oksana Kavera
Vice President Vacant


IT Support Nazar Pasika nazar@ucssottawa.com
Fund Raising Marlene Thomas
Events Tetiana Fomina tatianna3105@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator Natasha Popovych natashapopovych2@gmail.com


Volodymyr Popovych Hanna Diordiiashchenko Svitlana Shlomin Olga Sadanenko Iryna Pyetkova Daniel Ovcharenko Raisa Hordiychuk Zhanna Shevchenko Anna Robson Maksym Hlushchenko Mykyta Zakharchenko nikita20062401@gmail.com


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Our recent projects

  • Sunflower Summer Camp 2022
  • Embroidery evening
  • St Nicholas Event
  • Sunflower Summer Camp 2023
  • Children Enjoy Visit to Omega Park
  • Food Handling Course
Sunflower summer camp

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Your contribution can make a significant impact on our initiatives at UCSS Ottawa. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us provide essential support to the Ukrainian community and offer assistance to those in need. Join us in our mission to create positive change, uplift lives, and make a difference. Your generosity matters, so please consider making a donation today to help us continue our vital work. All donations are tax deductible.

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