Our Acknowledgements

Jun 01, 2024

It is with sincere gratitude we acknowledge and thank Sandra Blais and her team for their latest contribution to the war effort in Ukraine. We were happy to be able to deliver the shipment to a hospital in Odessa on their behalf.

The shipment contained T-shirts, thermos bottles, water bottles and other items so badly needed.

Sandra, once again, thank you and your team for your ministry and service. You truly “make a difference”.

Jan 26, 2024

Dear Ottawa,

Duke Fine Foods is the best store of Ukrainian  and European delicatessens!! If you have never tasted coffee with a Ukrainian trident, please try it at Duke’s! It’s the best coffee  in Ottawa!!


We thank Oleg Chyz and his company for coming to our community network event of UCSS at Buzzing Carnival with all proceeds that went to Sunflower camp.

Jan 26, 2024

In a significant cultural event, the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) has been invited to participate at a special screening at the Korean Cultural Centre in Ottawa. This event features the documentary film "Kim Il Sung's Children," which promises to offer a deep dive into historical and cultural narratives.

The UCSS’s participation in this event is not only a matter of prestige but also a symbol of the vibrant cultural exchange and unity among diverse communities. Joining them are esteemed representatives from various Eastern European communities, including those from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. This gathering of diverse groups underscores the festival's commitment to cultural diversity and international understanding.


Being invited to such a distinguished event is a matter of great honor for the UCSS. It signifies recognition of the Ukrainian community's contribution to the multicultural tapestry of Canada. The UCSS’s presence at the Korean Cultural Centre is an opportunity to showcase Ukrainian culture and history, fostering greater understanding and appreciation among the various communities.

As the Ukrainian community in Canada continues to grow and enrich the nation's cultural landscape, their involvement in such events becomes increasingly important. It's an opportunity to share their heritage, learn from others, and contribute to the global conversation on cultural diversity and unity.

In conclusion, the UCSS's participation in the film festival at the Korean Cultural Centre is a proud moment for the Ukrainian community in Canada. It exemplifies the importance of cultural exchange and the role of communities in fostering mutual understanding and respect across national and cultural boundaries.

Aug 01, 2023

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, Ottawa branch , expresses sincere gratitude to Christina Levi’s, branch manager of Ukrainian Credit Union, for examplory trust and continues excellent, supportive cooperation with our organization ; special appreciation for her personal contribution and donation of valuable vacation time by serving displaced children’s camp Soniashnyk during recreational programs. UCSS is very thankful to UCU for generous monetary donation directly assisting the needs of highly demanded and successfully delivered children’s programs.

Aug 27, 2022

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, Ottawa branch are enormously thankful for your most generous contribution to the displaced children's summer camp 'Soniashnyk'.

We highly value your humanitarian support that able us ti provide recreational activities for the childre effected by this unjustifiable, destructive, genocidal war of russian tyranny against the people of Ukraine.

You have offered to those children an unforgettable Canadian summer experience, helping them to recover from stress of relocation and uncertainty.

We sincerely thank you, each and every member of your Club, for genuine care, and love making a difference in the innocent life of a child.

Despite of the variety of offered activities most of our children admitted that the canoe experience was favoured and loved immensely. Please, accept our kindliest appreciation,


Maryna Popovych, Mike Ryndzak, Nazar Pasika, on behalf of UCSS Ottawa

Jul 27, 2022

The Ukrainian Canadian Social Service Ottawa branch expresses tremendous gratitude to the 'Buduchnist' Bank for providing backpacks that we had the opportunity to gift to the wonderful children at the Sunflower camp.

Apr 14, 2022

A lovely reception at the Embassy of Poland, Ottawa. A simple "Thank You" for all that empathetic Poles here and back at home did and do for displaced and distressed Ukrainian elderly, mothers and children running away from the brutality of war waged on them by Russia... In words of the Charge d'affairs - Krzysztof Lewandowski: "Poland is in full solidarity with Ukrainian people, and ready to help in any way to lessen the pain of displacement"... Thank you to Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) - Ottawa Branch, Montreal Ukrainian Community, Plast Ottawa and Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada - Ottawa for organizing this worthwhile event. Because we need to give thanks, where thanks are due... Dziękujemy! #thankful