Apr 24, 2024

Thank you so very much for letting us know that the latest shipment of items has arrived in Odessa. We are so grateful to have been able to receive this donation to pass it along to you.

Our Team of members with the Parish's Catholic Women's League Council #1771 at Our Lady of the Visitation in Ottawa and the members of our Recycle and Reuse Program are simply delighted to have made a difference, even a small one. Definitely accolades to Mike, Maryna, Iryna and you for making all the effort and organizing the shipment.

Kind Regards, Sandra

Apr 14, 2024

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your another support from Canada. This time we have received 2 huge boxes from our friends - very kind Quebec women.

Our respected Mr. Mike Ryndzak was so kind to deliver all of these boxes to Ottawa, Maryna Popovych was so generous and made a delivery payment for those huge boxes, Iryna Petkova has packed them all.

Thank you very much for your vital help!

Together - we win!

Lilya Bezpal’ko

Hospital Volunteer

Odessa Hospital, Ukraine

Jan 06, 2024

Despite all the shelling and trials, the camp "Dreamers - Verkhovyna-2024" HAS BEGUN!!!

Thanks to the support of UCSS OTTAWA BRANCH (Ukrainian Canadian Social Service of Ottawa), as well as the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Cathedral in Ottawa, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

The International Charitable Foundation "Dreamers UA" once again gathers children to give them joyful and unforgettable memories!

This is the beginning of an incredible adventure among the Christmas mountains!!!!

Oct 31, 2023

The camp "Dreamers Verkhovyna 2023" became a part of an incredible story that took place in the life of the International Charitable Foundation "Dreamers" and 30 young participants from all over the country, whose parents are courageously defending our country or have become heroes in heaven

This camp is a true manifestation of human sincerity and kindness. From the very beginning, we felt the support of caring hearts every day!

We thank our sponsors UCSS Ukrainian Canadian Social Services in Ottawa, The Council of Human Rights in Canada, St. Basil's Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, Winnipeg and personally Mykhaylo Khomitskyy for the opportunity to improve the health of military children in the heart of the Carpathians!

Jan 19, 2023

Dear friends! I would like to thank you Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) - Ottawa Branch for financial support in procuring toe and hand warmers for Ukrainian servicemen and servicewomen in Bakhmut and Soledar and covering $4000 shipping fee of 10!!! parcels with hotties. Thank you for your generosity and Slava Ukraini! 💙💛


Oct 17, 2022

100 sets of thermal underwear for our boys defending our homeland - DONE! Thank you Ukrainian Canadian Social Services (UCSS) - Ottawa Branch for funding this initiative! The guys who were the first to try on the thermals didn't want to take them off because they're warm and made with love. Ukraine will prevail!

Jul 26, 2022

Expressing our deepest gratitude from all the wounded soldiers, medics, and volunteers of the Odessa Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region (OMMCC SR) - to the Ottawa Branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, particularly to the head of the Ottawa Branch, MARINA POPOVYCH, for recently sending us 9 boxes of various medical supplies, resuscitation and operating room devices, and more. Every day we gather and deliver various necessary supplies not only to our hospital, but also to mobile hospitals and units operating in different hotspots on the front lines. We receive and care for the wounded.../ visit.../ provide psychological support.../ and evacuate... We are currently well-equipped with 'simple things', but valuable replacements for VAC machines, laparoscopic instrument optics, and other 'complex things' have proved to be especially necessary and greatly delighted our doctors. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!! We thank you for your tireless souls, hearts, hands, and significant contributions, for your EFFECTIVE LOVE for our homeland! TOGETHER - WE WILL PREVAIL AND REBUILD OUR UKRAINE! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

Sep 10, 2022

It was wonderful to gather with the volunteers of the 'Sunflower' camp and express our immense gratitude for their hard work. Unfortunately, not everyone could be present, but we remember all of you. Once again, a big thank you to all of you. The leaders of the children's groups are truly incredible. Let's continue to grow and do many more good deeds. Chefs, you are unparalleled. The doctor is super creative and imaginative, the canoeing was unforgettable, the artist and dance school are top-notch, rhythmic gymnastics is Olympic-worthy...to all, a gigantic thank you and tremendous respect!

Jan 27, 2024

Hello Dear Organizers, Sponsors, Volunteers, Counselors, and all those involved in the SUNFLOWER Children's Ukrainian Camp.

We are one of the fortunate families from Ukraine who had the opportunity to participate in this year's children's camp in a picturesque location.

It brought us immense joy to provide our eldest daughter with the chance to improve her health and enjoy herself at the wonderful Sunflower Camp.

Throughout the week, the kids experienced a flood of positive emotions, formed great impressions, witnessed holistic development, and gained new experiences and friendships with many incredible individuals.

Above all, it served as a Ukrainian focal point in distant Canada.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for supporting our future, as children are the future! We deeply appreciate your efforts in creating such a magnificent place surrounded by breathtaking nature. Our thanks also go to all the partners for their seamless collaboration, resulting in an exceptionally gratifying outcome—joyful children and delighted parents.

With your unwavering support, dedication, and the tremendous work of volunteers, a wonderful educational tradition has been established for the children .

Blessings to you and your families, inspiration for new achievements, and good health

May the sound of children's laughter always resonate within the SUNFLOWER .

Special thanks: UCSS, UNF, Lions club of Ottawa, Kiwanis club, BCU, UCU, Ukrainian orthodox church, Ukrainian Catholic church.