Gratitude from the Odessa Military Hospital

Jul 26, 2022
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Expressing our deepest gratitude from all the wounded soldiers, medics, and volunteers of the Odessa Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region (OMMCC SR) - to the Ottawa Branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, particularly to the head of the Ottawa Branch, MARINA POPOVYCH, for recently sending us 9 boxes of various medical supplies, resuscitation and operating room devices, and more. Every day we gather and deliver various necessary supplies not only to our hospital, but also to mobile hospitals and units operating in different hotspots on the front lines. We receive and care for the wounded.../ visit.../ provide psychological support.../ and evacuate... We are currently well-equipped with 'simple things', but valuable replacements for VAC machines, laparoscopic instrument optics, and other 'complex things' have proved to be especially necessary and greatly delighted our doctors. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!! We thank you for your tireless souls, hearts, hands, and significant contributions, for your EFFECTIVE LOVE for our homeland! TOGETHER - WE WILL PREVAIL AND REBUILD OUR UKRAINE! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!