Omega Park was a success!

Dec 15, 2023
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On a most beautiful day in late September our team organized a bus trip to Park Omega for children who were not able to join Soniashnyk summer camp this past August, but were on the waiting list.

45 displaced Ukrainians (children with their mothers) entered the magic kingdom of Park Omega and had a blast. Not only with the power of nature’s beauty but an excursion to the nearby resort town of Montebello.

We managed to see all kinds of animals in the park up close, and fed a few elk and deer with carrots that we brought with us.

Mike kept us all informed and entertained - all day long! Thank you Mike for being our private tour-guide and engaging all of us in singing Ukrainian folk songs.

At the end of the day everyone went home tired and happy. It was a memorable experience leaving all with ever lasting memories

Park Omega differs from traditional zoos by their large and natural space of over 2,200 acres, inhabited by over twenty species of wild animals living in their natural habitat. The park shows the beauty and simplicity of nature while creating a natural and safe environment where wild animals can live peacefully. 

A special thank you to our Oksana who prepared enough food for the day, not only for the children and parents but all the deer in the park!