Thank you from Alyona Shevtsova

Jan 09, 2024
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All first aid kits are sent to one good battalion with a very good combatant. It remained to assemble 150 more of them. Thank you for your help Saved the leg of one soldier with the help of a first aid kit from Maryna Popovych. It came in handy Greetings to our military medics from Canada from Marina Popovych. Already transferred.

And again, thank you so much!!! To everyone who sent us financial assistance, to everyone who brought medicines and first aid kits, etc. Today we took it to Toronto, and before that, our friends also took boxes there, and in the end we sent 12 huge boxes to Odessa, Zhytomyr, Berdyansk, Lvov, Kyiv, Chegerin. And three more suitcases to Kyiv and Lvov. Let this be our small contribution to a big cause!