The Social Service organized a dragon boat ride for children

Aug 31, 2022
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For many Ukrainians, volunteering has become a way of life since 2014. For Ukrainian-Canadians, it has always been a good habit. And for my relatives, Aunt Tamara and Uncle Ivan, it's just a constant need. They live by the principle: wake up and ask yourself what you have done for Ukraine and Ukrainians today? So when the opportunity arose to organize a dragon boat event for newly arrived children, they left everything and enthusiastically set out to realize this wonderful idea. And in place of a dull, cold morning, a sunny and bright day with new unforgettable emotions arrived. Some took an oar in their hands for the first time, while others had recent experience with rowing in a summer camp. But everyone wanted to catch the rhythm of the dragon boat and feel each other! My wonderful Tamara Rudenko-Kharalambi and Ivan Kharalambi (who, by the way, is a professional athlete and Olympian) helped with this the most. Also joining the team of coaches was Oleksiy Morgun, the head of the junior commission of the EDBF. With such mentors, not only children but also parents got into the boats. And it's still not clear who enjoyed it more). We all rowed diligently, so the ordered pizza and sweets (thanks to Maryna Popovych and Mykhailo and Natalia Ryndzaki) tasted very, very good!!! And for a moment, it seemed like we were back at summer camp and it was time to prepare something for the kids' dinner))