Camp at the Lake

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July 14 - 20 and July 28 - Aug. 3

For girls and boys ages 8 - 13

To be held at Newcombe Lake, QC

A wide range of activities will be held, including swimming, fishing, canoeing, sports and games, dancing, singing and drawing, all helping the children build confidence, teamwork skills and develop a positive attitude towards life.

There is also an educational and cultural aspect. From the Ottawa community we have Ukrainian dance teachers, art teachers, and volunteers to teach safe canoeing. The days end with story telling and fireside chats.

This year we're adding a new twist: a theme.

For the week of July 14 to 20, our theme will be TREASURE ISLAND.

All adventure and mystery lovers will like this theme. Throughout the week, the children will take part in pirate parties, team quests, secret codes, and treasure hunts.

For the week of July 28 - August 3, the theme is THE JUNGLE IS CALLING.

Would your child love to go on an incredibly exciting journey, a world of adventure in the African jungle? Does he or she have a dream to transform into an aboriginal? Feel like a character in the computer game "Jumanji? Or to take part in a quest with deciphering secret codes and route maps? Then this theme is for her or him.

While we are asking families who can afford it to contribute a $600. registration fee for each child, the majority of those who have already applied aren't able to contribute so they will be sponsored by donations from our new and dedicated donors.