Summer Camp 2024 Details

Jan 27, 2024
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Dates: July 14 - 20 and July 28 - August 3 For girls and boys 8-13 years old, Camp St John on Lake Newcombe, Quebec.

Price: $600

Dates: July 22 - July 26

For girls and boys 8 - 13 years old,

Held at 1000 Byron Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0J3

Price: $400

Children's summer camp "Sunflower" welcomes all children diverse, interesting, full of bright events and entertainment events thematic camp changes. After rest in our camp, all its participants will become more independent and confident in communicating with their peers, discover new abilities and talents! Each child can choose a change according to his taste, or he can take it participate in several at once!

Topics of camp changes:

1 shift "TREASURE ISLAND" July 14-20 All adventure and mystery lovers will like this change! If there is a desire to immerse yourself in the interesting world of pirate parties, the solution team tasks, game quests, treasure hunts, etc secret codes, which will be reliably hidden on the territory of the camp - this change is for you!

2nd shift "UKRAINIAN FOLK FIGHTS" July 22-26 It will be a fun change, full of folk traditions, humor, exciting quizzes and contests, the passage is incredible an interesting game quest, a culinary master class on making delicious dumplings! The feature of this change will be folk songs and dances, which we will all sing and dance together!

3rd shift "THE JUNGLE IS CALLING!" July 28-August 3 We quickly collect our things and go on an incredibly exciting journey a world of adventure in the African jungle! Do you have a dream to transform into an aboriginal Indian? Feel like a character the big computer game "Jumanji", to take part in a quest with deciphering secret game and route maps? Then this change is for you sure to like it!

Forward! To meet adventures and unforgettable impressions from the summer rest in the best children's camp "SONYASHNYK"!!!

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